Samples of a few original songs written by Cosmic Dance including front man Toby Zambetti's single, Lying On My Doorstep


Love, Love, Love

Lying On My Doorstep

Sowing the Seeds of Love


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New Hampshire

Cosmic Dance performs their original song live in Eugene, Oregon at the WOW Hall. This video was edited by Pistol Pete Productions and was a crowd favorite of this college town.


One of the highlights of a Cosmic Dance show is live musical improvisation. Here is a small glimpse of that at Club Kaos in 1997 featuring Terry Thompson on the hand drums.

Performance Montage

Various clips of Cosmic Dance live performances of original material during a tour in 1998. Featuring Get Up and Go, New Hampshire, Love Love Love, and an improvisation jam.

Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch is one of the first psychedelic songs, written by Donovan and first released in September 1966. Cosmic Dance delivers their rendition at Stintson Beach, California in 1996.

Love Me Two Times

Jim Morrison and The Doors were a huge influence on the band. Toby and company covers their classic hit, Love Me Two Times at George's Night Club in San Rafael, California.

Death Don't Have No Mercy

Death Don't Have No Mercy was originally written and performed by the Reverend "Blind" Gary Davis. Probably one of the darkest blues songs ever written.


Cosmic Dance was formed in 1993 and the music still lives on in the hearts of many fans today. The band name is derived from the cult movie classic, Harold and Maude.

Band founders Toby Zambetti and Dave Matela met in Hayward, California in 1993. It was then and there the concept of Cosmic Dance came about. This band would exude improvisation, with a heavy blues and classic rock influence. The band was molded in the likes of Cream and Zeppelin. They were heavily into the blues and were constantly drinking from the fountain by engulfing blues artists like Brownie McGhee, Lightning Hopkins, Freddy King, Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Robert Johnson, Son House, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn etc. Some of the bands' other Cosmic influences include: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Cream, Rush, Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, Morphine, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc. 

Humble Beginnings

John Roche was the drummer for Cosmic Dance and Tom Neely joined on bass in 1995 to complete the cosmic project. They spent 7 years writing, creating, recording, performing, selling, mixing and mastering. Their first recording took place in 1995 at Hyde Street studios in San Francisco. John Roche left Cosmic Dance shortly after they recorded the Butterfly CD. After a year of searching they found San Jose drummer, Terry Thompson. 


Along the way, several people have and still do contribute to the success of the band. The band always remains grateful and can never thank them enough for their time and effort spent helping to promote The Cosmic Dance journey. These people include, but are not limited to: Barry Rose, Owen Sloan, Scott Matthews, Jim Langford, Pete Turrini (Pistol Pete Productions, pictured left), Club KAOS, Kevin Larsen, Margaret Scranton, Phil and his wife Karen, Heidi, The Rapter, and Chino Pisces.


Cosmic Dance (i.e. David and Toby) have performed at hundreds of Bay Area clubs during their musical careers. The band has played all over the west coast in towns from Seattle, Washington, and Eugene, Oregon, their home town the Bay Area California and all the way to Austin, Texas. They have shared the stage with great acts such as Rob Zombie, Linda Perry, Pat Travers, Gene Loves Jezebel, School of Fish, Forbidden, Tommy Castro and many more. Cosmic Dance music has caught the attention of such great musicians such as Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Carlos Santana, Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes), Govt. Mule, Pat Travers, Buddy Guy, Les Claypool, and Slash (Guns & Roses).


Dave is still writing today and often performs at acoustic coffee houses in Berkeley. He is a respected and a sought out guitar teacher in the East Bay.

Toby Zambetti is still writing, recording and teaching in the South Bay. He has also produced some local music as they have always been enamored with the tones he and David were able to capture in the recording studio. All Cosmic Dance members remain active in the music and arts right here in the Bay Area.

Tom Neely still shares the magic of music with his students and is an active and accomplished songwriter. Listen to his recent work:

Terry Thompson is an incredible painter! Check out his work:


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  • Butterfly

    This album was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. The recording was done with Tom Neely on bass, John Roche on drums, Toby Zambetti on vocals and David Matela on guitars. All songs are written and produced by Toby Zambetti and David Matela. (Except for the B.B. King Cover, Still My Woman)
  • I'm Alive

    Contrary to the Butterfly CD that was recorded at Hyde Street Studios, the following recording session was independently sponsored. They recorded and produced this demo on a Fostex 4-track in Union City in 1997. All songs are written and produced by Toby Zambetti, David Matela, and Tom Neely.
  • Sowing the Seeds of Love

    This specific recording session of Cosmic Dance was done in Hayward, California in 1999. This recording was done with Tom Neely on bass, Terry Thompson on drums, Toby Zambetti on vocals and David Matela on guitars. All songs written and produced by Toby Zambetti and David Matela.
  • Toby Zambetti Solo Single

    Lying on your Doorstep was a single created to promote Toby Zambetti's Highway 101 solo album. The single was produced by Scott Mathews and Toby Zambetti. This version of Lying on your Doorstep features Scott Mathews. All songs written by Toby Zambetti.


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